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The comparatively wealthy French population is a leading consumer of services in the country, particularly in the digital, educational and travel sectors. The travel, ICT and financial services sectors offer business opportunities for Canadian companies. The father of one is a campus leader who is organizing a student cooperative within the college to develop strong community-based support for students’ learning experience at the college. John hopes his education will lead to greater employment opportunities in the future. The Mary E. Tinker Scholarship is awarded to twelve Osage students per year. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours, and maintain a term GPA of a 2.0 to remain eligible for the scholarship funding. The E. Ray Adkisson Scholarship is awarded to four Osage students per year. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours, and maintain a term GPA of a 3.0 to remain eligible for the scholarship funding. The Eugene Daniel Scholarship is awarded to four Osage students every year. Students must be enrolled in a degree/certificate program at an accredited college or technical school and major in a medically related field. The student must maintain a term GPA of a 3.0 to remain eligible for scholarship funding and must be enrolled full-time. As the contractor for janitorial services at the college campuses and training centres, Sodexo and Douglas College have a long history of partnership and in 2002 Sodexo established this scholarship. After a public bid process in the spring of 2015, Sodexo was awarded a five year contract to continue providing janitorial services to Douglas College. Demonstrating its belief in the power of education and a desire to contribute to the economic and social development of the communities where it operates, Sodexo continues to support the growth of its scholarship. The Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration created this entrance scholarship, with a one time donation in 2001, from their Faculty Productivity Incentive fund and through international consulting projects. The purpose of the Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration Entrance Scholarship is to encourage enrollment by students in any program within the Faculty who have demonstrated academic excellence. These scholarships will be given to students who are entering the full-time University Transfer Music program at Douglas College and who are enrolled in a minimum of 11 credits, including all the required Music courses for which they are eligible. The number of scholarships and the amount of each will be at the discretion of the Music Department. Scholarships are based upon demonstrated achievement and potential at the auditions and presume acceptable theory entrance standings. Consideration will also be given to secondary school grades and a letter of reference. Frank Quigley was a hard working, dedicated father who loved sports and dancing. Frank was the father of Darlene Osborne, a member of the Douglas College Foundation Board from 2003 to 2006 and also publisher of the Burnaby NewsLeader. Under her leadership, newspaper staff and community volunteers hosted several It’s All About Women Weekends and used the funds raised to create this bursary in memory of Frank. The Frank Quigley Memorial Bursary supports students enrolled in the Health Care Support Worker program at Douglas College with preference given to female students.

  • Bursariesare non-repayable funds awarded to eligible students who apply and demonstrate financial need.
  • In 2016, Roy agreed to change the Award to a Bursary to lower the GPA requirement and altered the enrolment criteria to support students in any program or Faculty taking either an English or Math Upgrading course.
  • The recipient of this award of distinction will demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and performance in the classroom, as well as volunteer or charity work in their community.
  • MRAs facilitate the international recognition of professions and qualifications and avoid the need to undertake a full verification procedure by the competent national regulatory authorities.
  • Despite the market being very well developed and competitive, it still offers a lot of opportunities for Canadian companies offering innovative technology and specialized services.

Are a full-time student in the term for which the scholarship will be received, unless otherwise stated in the scholarship. Are a full-time or part-time student in the term for which the bursary will be received, as stated in the individual bursary qualifications. Are a full-time student in the term for which the award will be received, unless otherwise stated in the award. Pickering is located just outside of Toronto, the largest city in all of Canada. City officials in Toronto have already imposed a block on all proposals to build a new casino within the city’s core. That leaves companies like Ontario Gaming GTA – a joint operation between Great Canadian Gaming Corp and Toronto-based investment firm Brookfield Business Partners – seeking the nearest suitable location, just outside of Toronto. 7Sage Education Consulting Inc. (“7Sage”) provides information and guidance about law school admissions (“Materials”). 7Sage does not make any warranty of any kind as to the results that may be obtained from use of its Materials. In particular, 7Sage does not guarantee that the Materials will improve your chances of admission to law school, or that you will be admitted to any law school. 7Sage is not responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage related to your use of the Materials, whether it be from errors, omissions, advice, or any other cause whatsoever. Most people have to revise several times before their personal statement shapes up. I have little doubt that you’re going to be able to do justice to your amazing story. I had fantasized about fighting for abuse victims ever since, as a child, I witnessed my father abuse my mother. But it wasn’t until 2001, while I was going through my divorce, that I realized I wanted to fight with law and policy. My attorney helped ensure that my ex-husband attended anger management counseling before he had visitation rights with my son. Thanks to my attorney, the court also decided that my ex-husband’s visits would be supervised until I felt that my son would be safe. But even as I became more comfortable with risk, I became more aware of how volatile the Uruguayan markets were. Outdated regulations meant that the markets lacked a modern buffering system. Working on a technology company’s $500 million merger in my capacity as Baker Mckenzie’s paralegal showed me how the American securities system values fiduciary duty and shareholders’ rights. Although America’s system is far from perfect, it could teach the Uruguayans a lot. However, I almost did not hear any applause at the trade opening ceremony. It was all because of the huge 18.38 green figure, a 25% drop of XMan’s offering price, shown at the screen of the Bolsa de Montevideo, Uruguay’s stock exchange. As drafting counsel of the company, I have never imagined it would have such a deep down opening price followed by another 40% drop. That day was May 9th, 2015, another crash came into the casino-like Uruguayan stock markets. Thanks to the generosity of donors and alumni, Saskatchewan Polytechnic gives away more than $2 million in student awards during the academic year. Saskatchewan Polytechnic recognizes that adults learn in many different ways. This includes acquiring knowledge and skills through life and work experience or non-formal training. You will develop your entrepreneurial, team building, communication, problem solving, delegation and human relations skills. Building on knowledge you have gained in the theoretical courses you will plan and organize the fine dining project including menu development, recipe standardization, food and beverage cost controls and scheduling. You will focus on the necessity of establishing and enforcing control systems used by various food and beverage operations.

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The European Union is the second-largest market in the world, with more than 445 million consumers and 27 interdependent national economies sharing common rules and legislation. It is also Canada’s second-largest trading partner in terms of services, right after the United States. You may be able to use credits obtained at Fleming College to continue your postsecondary education in pursuit of a degree. The articulation and credit transfer agreements with our partner institutions are summarized below. If you haven’t yet decided what kind of law enforcement or justice career you’d like to pursue, check out the Law Clerk, or Police Foundations programs. As time went on, Wayne and Deb became best friends and did everything together. They were in a really good spot in their lives and were able to relax and enjoy their life together. They cheered on their team the Toronto Maple Leafs at home, they enjoyed going to the casino and spent time with family and friends. They watched as their grandkids grew, and that is when Wayne became a big teddy bear. He loved watching them play in the yard and riding around on the riding mower with them. Karen brings her traditional knowledge of Indigenous ways into the contemporary workplace as this wisdom and way of being reflect “wise practices of purpose driven individuals, communities and organizations”. Through storytelling she engages audiences to learn about the First Peoples and their gifts and traditional knowledge. This learning and worldview expand the perspective and understanding of greater possibilities while building on shared values. This approach supports organizations and communities to co-create a deeper and more meaningful relationships built on trust and respect. Karen inspires audiences to find their inner passion and to move forward in the direction of their dreams. She challenges individuals to recognize their own gifts, talents, and genius and to “let it all out”. Most importantly she assists individuals, teams and families, organizations, and communities from moving where they are today to where they want to be. She is passionate about supporting the dreams and aspirations of the people, organizations, and communities.

Furthermore, he became just the sixth individual in NCCA history to pass 2000 yards & rush for 1000 yards in the same season. If you have any questions about our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have friendly, knowledgeable representatives available seven days a week to assist you. Some believe that today’s PDAs are underestimated as a means to today’s desktop computers and therefore think that the tablet market will increase. Business enterprises are trying to get common systems internally to communicate with their servers, printers, PCs, PDAs and phones. The gaming industry is trying to link playing to meeting each other over various LANs or over the Internet. The gaming industry grows and is now a billion dollar industry that today turns over more than the giant film industry. Most major game titles have similar budgets to the big movie titles released in Hollywood. We can connect you with the top game design companies and schools where you can learn how to work with 3D modelling, mapping and game design. Footnote 11List of audiovisual services as defined in the “Services Sectoral Classification List—Note by the Secretariat”, WTO Doc. Footnote 2In EU jargon, CETA is defined as a “mixed agreement”, meaning both the EU and its Member States must ratify it. This is a long process that involves the participation of many national and subnational governments and parliaments, in line with the constitutional traditions of each country. CETA provisionally entered into force on September 21, 2017, while the ratification process on the EU side is still ongoing. The ratification process can be monitored on the website of the EU Council. Romania is the EU member state having registered the largest improvement in connectivity, Internet use, and integration of digital technology and ecommerce over recent years. The Belgian economy largely reflects the overall European economy and consumer, being a bilingual and bicultural country (including French-speaking region of Wallonia and the Dutch-speaking region of Flanders) governed by the same legal system. The Commission is composed of a president and 27 commissioners who are appointed to five-year terms by national governments, subject to the approval of the European Parliament. It has a total staff of approximately 30,000 assigned to specific policy areas in departments known as directorates-general . The Council is responsible for passing EU laws, normally in conjunction with the European Parliament. The two bodies also share equal responsibility for adopting the EU budget. The Council (also known as the “Council of Ministers” or “EU Council”) is composed of 27 ministers, each representing a national government. National governments usually assign ministers with expertise in whatever issue dominates the EU Council’s current agenda (e.g. economic and financial affairs, telecommunications and energy, environment, agriculture and fisheries, and the like). The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has published a web page on How to apply for an ATA Carnet to help Canadian businesses better understand the procedure and guide them through the process. CETA has introduced temporary entry rights for Canadian professionals wishing to travel to the EU for a limited working period, and vice versa. If you are a Canadian resident and you do not hold Canadian citizenship, you may require a visa to enter the Schengen area depending on your country of origin. To determine whether you need a visa, please check thelist of nationals who are required to have a Schengen visa. Canadian travellers planning to stay less than 90 days within a six-month period in the Schengen area do not require visas for countries that are parties to the Schengen area. If you leave the Schengen area and return within the same 180 days, the same 90-day limit still applies. The European Commission provides a short stay calculator to track the permitted days left. To check the full detailed explanation of how to conduct advanced research on TED, consult pages of the TED Help Page. The advanced research is divided by full text, country, type of documents, contract, edition number, document number, and publication date. Canadian companies can filter their searches to find the most appropriate tenders. The EU publishes a TED Help Page that provides a detailed guide on browsing notices, searching for notices, customizing the search results display, managing search profiles, and other detailed procedures on how to use the platform. CETA rules apply to covered procurement contracts with a value equal to or above specific thresholds, as listed in the table below. Canadian suppliers are encouraged to take advantage of this expanded and preferential market access. You can view contract opportunities and requests for proposals (“tender” and “contract notices” in EU terminology) on the EU’s Tenders Electronic Daily portal. Both offer the same protection so that no one would be able to manufacture, sell, market, import, export or put on the market a product incorporating the protected design.

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The purpose of this fund is to support student athletes at Douglas College. The BC Wrestling Association established this award initially in 1992 with the purpose of supporting Douglas College students who were members of the Douglas College wrestling team. The terms were changed in 2018 to reflect changes within BC Wrestling and wrestling at Douglas College. One male and one female student athlete, with the highest GPA, will be selected annually to receive this award. The Canadian Federation of University Women Award of Distinction was established in 2003. CFUW – Coquitlam applies annual to the Gaming Commission of BC to receive a grant through their Direct Access Funding. Funds obtained through that grant are used to support students at Douglas College. Preference is given to students enrolled in the Career & Employment Preparation program with one award going to graduates of School District 43 and one to students with disabilities. Carol Todd established this award in December 2015 to pay tribute to, and honour, her daughter Amanda Todd who has been described as “a transformative angel”. Eligible recipients must be enrolled in any program that focuses on mental health. This includes, but is not limited to, programs within the Faculty of Child, Family and Community Studies, the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences. You are eligible for many different awards, scholarships and bursaries depending on your program at Douglas College. After you graduate, you can be nominated for the Distinguished Alumni Award, which recognizes the quality of our graduates and their contribution to the community. Past winners have included Olympic gold medalist Daniel Igali and poet Elizabeth Bachinsky. If you plan to continue your studies after Douglas College, you may wish to apply for the Alumni Association Bursary. More information, as well as the application form, are available at the Alumni Association Bursary website. Bursariesare non-repayable funds awarded to eligible students who apply and demonstrate financial need.

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He Dorothy Jones Theatre Award was created by Dorothy’s colleagues to honour her upon her retirement from the Theatre Department. Dorothy was instrumental in the development of the Theatre Program at Douglas College and was employed by the College for almost 20 years. The Silverman Music Award of Distinction was established by Ellen Silverman, former Chair of the Music department, and her husband Robert in 1990. The purpose of this award is to recognize & reward students who have completed their first year of studies at Douglas College and intend to further their music education. This award was established in honour of retired instructor Marie-Claire Chinniah who devoted her career to the French program at Douglas College. The recipient will have demonstrated outstanding improvement in a French course taken in the current school year and be enrolled as a student at Douglas College when the book is awarded at the end of the Winter Semester. This award was established by Laura Dowie to honour the life of her daughter, Kimberly Gail. She was magnanimous and possessed an infectious warmth and irrepressible optimism. While she was up for almost any challenge or adventure, including parachuting, scuba diving and joining in on a flight for a chance to cross the Arctic Circle, she had a passion for music and academia. At the time of her passing in 1975, Kim was studying archaeology and had accepted an offer to participate in an archaeological dig. This award was created by Mary Gordon to recognize the importance of nursing education in British Columbia. As a graduate of the Royal Columbian Hospital Nursing School, Mrs. Mary Gordon, a former registered nurse, has dedicated herself to the nursing profession. This award honours the dedication that nursing professionals give to their patients on a daily basis, and encourages its continuation through the support of nursing education in British Columbia. Recipients must demonstrate clinical excellence, professional competence, empathy and compassion in patient care. This award was established by the Pacific Blue Cross, in 2017, with the purpose of recognizing and supporting students enrolled in the Health Care Support Worker Certificate program. A bronze medal, presented by the Governor General of Canada, is awarded annually to a Douglas College student at the June graduation ceremonies. The medal is awarded to the student who has achieved the highest overall average upon graduation from a two-year diploma program. Michelle Lau established this award in 2009 with the purpose of recognizing and rewarding excellence in Badminton players at Douglas College. The Badminton program was cancelled in 2015 so Michelle adjusted the terms of reference to support students who are either participating in the Douglas College Toastmasters club and/or the Co-operative (Co-op) Education program. The John and Elvi Clark Award was established, in 2012, by their children. They worked hard, becoming the first in their families to get a post-secondary education. Both were teachers, volunteers and, in retirement, tutors for the I-CARE program at Douglas College. A fund at Douglas College in New Westminster is the natural place for the children of John and Elvi to remember their parents and express their inherited belief in the value of community and education. This award was created by Jim Trimble & The Naked Stage Theatre to support a high school student entering their first year of studies in the theatre program at Douglas College. In recognition of Douglas Internationals’ diverse group of students from around the world they began offering entrance scholarships based on key geographic regions. The Douglas International Education Entrance Award recognizes & recruits students based on academic performance and their capabilities to contribute to the internationalization of Douglas College. Preference will be given to students coming from less-represented countries. The Hugh Livingstone Maze Music Award of Distinction was created in 1998 through a gift from the estate of Hugh Livingston Maze. In 1994, the Meiji University Mandolin Old Boys Club created an Award of Distinction after performing a benefit concert for the Centre for International Education and Douglas College Foundation at the Massey Theatre. The purpose of both awards was to recognize and reward students entering their first year of the University Transfer Music Diploma program at Douglas College. A $3,000 award is offered annually by the Hotel Association of Vancouver to a student in any hospitality program. The award recognizes a student who demonstrates strong academic performance, community/sector engagement, and is open to be mentored or engage with members of the Hotel Association of Vancouver. The Jordan Kornberger “Bleed Green” Memorial Award of Distinction was established, in 2015, by the Douglas Students’ Union Athletes Council. Jordan was a member of the Douglas College Baseball team, and was as an avid supporter of all Douglas teams. He is remembered for his charismatic personality, dedication to the game, and endless love for his Douglas College family. It’s purpose of this award is to recognize other student athletes who demonstrate characteristics similar to Jordan, such as leadership, school spirit and a strong work ethic.

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The purpose of this fund is to recognize the academic achievements of students enrolled in Criminology at Douglas College. The Douglas College Nursing Scholarship was established to reward students enrolled in the General Nursing Program. The Honorary Fellows Recognition Scholarship was created, in 2019, by the Douglas College Office of the President in recognition of the Honorary Fellows designated by the College. Douglas College awards an Honorary Fellow designation to individual who demonstrate outstanding achievement or distinguished service on a community, provincial, national, or international scale. Honorary Fellows serve to inspire graduates and reflect the values of the College. CJP Architects, and the partners involved in the firm, established this fund as part of the inauguration of the Thomas Haney Campus in Maple Ridge. The purpose of the Tri-Cities Rotary Bursary is to provide support to students living in the Tri-Cities who are attending Douglas College and enrolled in any program within the Faculty of Health Science. This fund was established by United Properties, the Canadian Home Builders’ Association and the Residential Construction Institute to assist students attending Douglas College. The Rotary Club of New Westminster established this fund to assist Douglas College students in emergency financial need. The President’s Bursary supports students enrolled in any program or faculty. Kathleen Collins Education Foundation BursaryThe Kathleen Collins Education Foundation was named in honour of the first Canadian member of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, a society of women educators who promote education world-wide. The purpose of this annual fund is to recognize & reward female students at Douglas College who are pursuing an education that will lead to a profession in a teaching related field. Gerard Batty, a Douglas College alumnus, established this bursary in 2012 to recognize a student who shows the most improvement in GPA. He established this bursary to encourage students to do their best and overcome some of the challenges they face inside and outside the classroom that can affect their GPA. The recipient of this bursary will be determined by Financial Aid bursary application reporting. The CKNW Orphans’ Fund established this endowment in honour of Erm Fiorillo, a long time employee of CKNW. The bursary is awarded to single parents registered in any Douglas College program. David and Dorothy Lam created this fund in 1997 to provide bursaries for students at the Coquitlam Campus in any program of study. An annual bursary is provided by the Credit Union Foundation of BC on behalf of credit union members in B.C. Established in 2009 as the Animal Health Technology Association of BC Award of Distinction, this award benefits students who support the growth of the Veterinary Technology profession. The award recognizes students who excel in the Douglas College Veterinary Technology program and who contribute to the industry through volunteer work and other activities. In 2014 the AHTA of BC became the British Columbia Veterinary Technology Association and the name of the award was changed to reflect this. This monetary award honours a Sport Science Diploma or Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching student who most represents the professional and personal characteristics of past Sport Science faculty member Chris Johnson. Winners of this award must be nominated by a Sport Science faculty member and possess outstanding tenacity and fortitude with a joyous attitude toward others or a special aptitude for generosity of spirit. Preference will be given to students who demonstrate positive role modelling, the ability to reach out to others and a propensity for bringing “a little sanity into a totally insane world.” Laura was a patron of the Arts both performing and display at Douglas College. All or part of the interest earned annually on the contributed principal of the endowment will be used to provide awards to students enrolled in the Community Music School at Douglas College. The Sally Allan Memorial Award was established, in 2006, by her daughters and their families. The purpose is to support mature students, with demonstrated financial need, enrolled in English courses at Douglas College. Ben and Eleanor Kendall established the Maggie Clark Award, in 2013, in honour of their grand-daughter, Maggie Clark. Each year the award supports one domestic student enrolled in any Post-Degree or Post-Baccalaureate Diploma program at Douglas College. Honorary Fellow AwardIn 2012, Douglas College gifted $20,000 to establish the Honorary Fellow Award in support of students with financial need who demonstrate leadership and community involvement. The hope is that this Award will continue to grow via tributes to and by Honorary Fellows. In 2016, the Douglas College Music Department made the decision to merge these two funds with their entrance Award of Distinction, originally created in 1990, and rename the award the Douglas College Music Entrance Award of Distinction. Hugh Livingstone Maze and the Meiji University Mandolin OB Club will continue to be recognized individually for their contributions during the annual Music award ceremony. Entrance awards are given to outstanding students entering a full-time Douglas College credential program. Course and/or lesson fees owing to the Community Music School must be paid in full before cheques will be issued to award recipients. The Katy Cole-McGilligan Men’s Basketball Award of Distinction was established, in 2004, to reward and recognize Douglas College students who were members of the Men’s Basketball Team.

The Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited Entrance Award was established, in 2007, by Faixfax Financial Holdings Limited to provide two entrance awards to students entering any full time program of study at Douglas College. Recipients are eligible to receive a 2nd year of funding should they continue to meet all eligibility criteria. In 2018, Fairfax increased the value of these awards from $3,500 per year to $4,000 per year, per recipient. The main objective of these awards are to assist worthy candidates for whom the cost of pursing a post-secondary education would be a serious impediment. Bunny spent the majority of his adult life working in the sales and marketing field for a wide variety of companies. For the last 25 years of his life he concentrated specifically on the sales and marketing of new homes for some of the largest construction/land development companies in Western Canada and became a leader in the industry. The purpose of this fund is to provide awards to students in their second year of the Business Management and Marketing Management programs within the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration at Douglas College. The Kruger award supports students in the Commerce and Business Administration, and the Science and Technology faculties. Founded in 1904, Kruger Inc. is a major producer of publication papers, tissue, lumber and other wood products, corrugated cartons from recycled fibres, green and renewable energy and wines and spirits. The Company is also a leader in paper and paperboard recycling in North America. In 1997, Kruger acquired the Scott Paper Tissue Products Mill, a mainstay on New Westminster’s waterfront since 1922, and became a strong supporter of Douglas College students. Preference will be given to students who are members of any Douglas College varsity athletics team, and to students with financial need. Margaret Mason established this fund in 2007 to support women students playing on the basketball team at Douglas College. Mason played varsity basketball away from home and it was a financial challenge for her parents who, at one time, had three children away at school. She understands the commitment involved in playing a sport at the college/university level and the hours involved which makes it difficult to get part-time work. Her award is designed to support the commitment shown by a female basketball athlete who is also able to excel academically. The Bernie Agg Scholarship was established in 2003 by Tim Agg, former Executive Director of PLEA Community Services Society of BC, in honour of his father Bernie Agg’s contributions to youth justice. Bernie was a probation officer, founder of the DARE Program and co-founder of Vancouver’s Step Up School. The purpose of the scholarship was to recognize & reward academic excellence in students enrolled in their 2nd year of the Youth Justice Diploma program who planned to continue their education in a related field after graduation. In 2016, Tim wanted to ensure students who came just under the required minimum GPA of 3.5 for scholarships didn’t miss out on being eligible for this award and lowered his GPA requirement to 3.33. After Tim’s retirement in 2016, PLEA committed to continuing their support of this award with a $1,000 donation annually. College Board members established this fund in recognition of the continuing growth of Douglas College and out of a desire to make a difference for students in the coming decade. The Gary Pooni and Family Award of Achievement was created in 2014 to support students who were innovative and interested in starting their own business. In 2016, after the passing of his father, Gary changed the name of the award to the Amrik Pooni Scholarship to honour his father’s passion for education and giving back. Amrik Pooni was an intelligent and gifted man, who had to forego a College education in order to work on the family farm in India. Amrik also strongly believed in community and was involved in many community organizations and activities.

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The EU now also treats Canadian service suppliers no less favorably than it treats service suppliers from its existing or future free trade agreement partners. CETA gives Canadian service suppliers the best market access the EU has ever granted to any of its free trade agreement partners. This means that Canadian suppliers in most service sectors are on an equal footing with EU service providers and receive better treatment than most of their non-EU competitors. CETA uses a negative list approach, meaning that all service sectors are covered unless explicitly listed as otherwise. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Services can help you navigate this fertile but complex business environment by guiding you through EU and national laws and supporting your efforts to expand into the European market. Regulation of services by the EU has generally been most successful when focused on thematic areas, with many laws adopted regarding financial services, digital services, etc. These various sectors, all-important for Canadian exporters to Europe, will be addressed in more detail in the chapters that follow. This free trade agreement, which entered into force provisionally on September 21, 2017, removes most tariffs and creates plenty of new opportunities for businesses, including SMEs and service exporters. Candidate countries for EU membership include Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, the Republic of North Macedonia and Albania—however, no firm timelines can be provided for the accession of these countries to the EU. Bosnia & Herzegovina and Kosovo have also expressed interest in joining the EU, but do not yet fulfil the political and economic requirements for EU membership. Despite the global crisis that first hit Europe in late 2008, and the withdrawal of the United Kingdom, the EU remains a major power and an attractive place in which to do business. Most notably, thanks to the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement , which entered into force in September 2017, Canadian businesses and service providers currently enjoy preferential access to one of the biggest markets in the world.

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The Student Teams Exploring Pervasive Urban Problems project, offered through various courses at Douglas College, allows students to get a hands-on, real-world experience. Through STEP UP, students practice teamwork skills and apply the knowledge they have gained in the classroom to explore the unique challenges of urban environments. Students learn to think deeply and critically about the societal challenges facing modern cities. From homelessness to traffic congestion, waste management to crime prevention, students are given the opportunity to go beyond the textbooks and to become immersed in a pervasive urban problem, working together to make recommendations for improvement. Howard Webster Foundation this award was created to support students engaged in STEP UP courses.View STEP UP information. In 2015, these institutions individual funds were merged to create the Japan Canada Educational & Cultural Award of Distinction. The purpose of the fund remained the same, to encourage Douglas College students to develop educational and cultural experiences in Japan, as well as to support Japanese national students studying at Douglas College. The ONS Student Ambassador Award of Distinction was created, in 2009, by the Douglas College Office for New Students . It’s purpose was to recognize and reward the dedication and hard work of both domestic and international students who demonstrate commitment to Douglas College and the Student Ambassador program, as evidenced by their work ethic and performance. In 2018, the award name was changed to the FSO Student Ambassador Award of Distinction when ONS was renamed the Future Students’ Office . The Y.P. Heung Foundation created this fund in 2019 to address the rising cost of post-secondary tuition fees and the general challenge of “affordability” in all major urban centers in the Province of BC. The funds will create academic awards to encourage and support new entrants in their venture into post-secondary education. The Y.P. Heung Foundation believes that through education, the gap of inequality in the future will be reduced, thus enhancing the economic performance of the overall community.

What ever one plays with without value and appreciate he will sooner or later loss. So we should think about if carefully, the good situation we have will maybe not come a second time. My most effective “first step” when I realize that I’m falling back into this pattern of laziness, is to sit with myself, offer love and acceptance to my situation, and remind myself of my Buddha Nature. Of course after this, it takes lots of work to maintain self-care, and I usually end up slipping back from time-to-time. But this is the path I choose to walk, because the other paths were taking me much farther from my true nature. The more we intend on living a life of being harmless to ourselves and others, the less restless we feel. Shedding our contribution to unhealthy human conditions is an important part of that intent. I think Buddhism could be the solution in the long term; but if gambling is really affecting your life badly – right now – then try Gambler’s Anonymous and do the 12 Step program. Also in terms of gambling; I generally make a large profit and lose it so I think that if I correct my mistakes I’ll win, but I keep making the same mistakes. My pride is a factor as well – The fact that I win is a contributing factor to my large losses ironically, (too many overconfident bets, not enough time researching because I’m lazy, impulse bets).. Sales in France increased by 5.7% with the inclusion and full consolidation of Monoprix, improving trends for Geant hypermarket and Casino supermarket sales, sustained expansion among convenience formats and the strong dynamism of e-commerce. The finalists will all travel to the 63rd NFF Annual Awards Dinner Presented by Las Vegas on Dec. 7, where one of them will be named the winner of the 32nd Campbell Trophy and have his postgraduate scholarship increased to $25,000. The 13 finalists will each receive a $18,000 postgraduate scholarship as a member of the 2021 NFF National Scholar-Athlete Class Presented by Fidelity Investments. In addition to our upcoming casino, we are planning for our Annual General Meeting. While it’s hard to say goodbye to lazy summer days, we’re excited about what the next year will bring. Your GPA executive is hard at work right now, organizing our next casino. We received our new dates just recently, and will need YOUR help in order to make our biggest fundraiser a success. GPA proposed a public offering to acquire all of Colombia’s Almacenes Exito SA shares and recommended it transfer to the Brazil stock exchange’s Novo Mercado segment, which lists Brazilian companies with higher corporate governance standards. The migration “will ease investors’ concerns about GPA’s corporate governance,” Bradesco BBI analysts led by Richard Cathcart wrote in a report last week. The head of the nation’s largest railroad union says the report designed to help resolve stalled contract talks with freight railroads doesn’t do enough to address concerns about working conditions, even though it suggests 24% raises. The railroads indicated earlier this week that they were ready to hammer out a deal based on the recommendations of the Presidential Emergency Board that Joe Biden appointed last month. The recommendations of the advisory were a “vast improvement” over the railroads’ previous proposals, said Jeremy Ferguson, president of the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers — Transportation Division union that represents conductors. This press release was prepared solely for information purposes, and should not be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell securities or related financial instruments. Likewise, it does not provide and should not be treated as providing investment advice. It has no connection with the specific investment objectives, financial situation or needs of any receiver. No representation or warranty, either express or implied, is provided in relation to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information contained herein. It should not be regarded by recipients as a substitute for the exercise of their own judgement.

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Depending on your particular rights, the application for action can be national or EU-wide. Trade secrets can be particularly important in the case of commercially valuable information, for which there is no IPR protection, but to which you have devoted investment and/or research and that are important to innovation. The scope of trade secrets is broad, and can include, for instance, a new business idea, software, a recipe, a marketing study or a price offered in a bidding procedure. In Europe, you can choose to protect your design by registering it with an intellectual property office, or you can commercialize it without registration and rely on the protection of an unregistered community design. EU countries are obliged to protect a computer program as a literary work, provided it is the author’s own intellectual creation. This protection applies to the expression of a computer program in any form, but not the ideas and principles underlying it. Given the distinction between goods and services, exporters should note that the IP rights available to the owner of a good are not necessarily the same as those available to the owner/originator of a service being exported to the European Union. Once negotiations are complete, the MRA Committee reviews the draft MRA for consistency with the terms of CETA. If it is consistent, the Committee may adopt the MRA, which would become applicable and binding on the whole territory of Canada and the EU. The competent regulatory authorities of both Canada and the EU, or professional bodies or federations, develop joint recommendations on a proposed MRA for a specific profession or qualification. These joint recommendations must include at least an assessment of the potential value of an MRA, industry needs and business opportunities, expected gains and compatibility of the licensing and qualification regimes. To find out whether an MRA covers a specific profession, qualification and country or province, please refer to the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials . CICIC is Canada’s member of the ENIC network and provides information to individuals and organizations on foreign professional and qualification systems. A regulated profession is a profession for which the access and exercise is regulated by legal or administrative provisions, specific professional or academic qualifications, or minimum training requirements. How do you find out which rules apply for which profession, in a specific country? This chapter guides you through the European patchwork of regulated professions and qualifications. In the EU, it is up to each member state to define the applicable rules for regulated professions and qualifications. Access to and exercise of those professions is therefore different from one country to another, as is the recognition of foreign professions and qualifications, including those obtained in Canada. The EU cannot require a Canadian financial institution to have persons of any particular nationality on its senior management or board of directors. As for equivalence, a third-country CSD is entitled to provide services within the EU/EEA as long as it sets up a local branch. If intending to provide “core services”, then recognition from ESMA will be necessary. The equivalence regime provides that transactions by third-country operators due to “market-making activities” may be exempted from disclosure and restriction requirements. The Insurance Distribution Directive does not envisage an equivalence regime. Therefore, any Canadian firms or persons not established in the EU/EEA but intending to provide insurance services to EU/EEA customers are strongly advised to contact the supervisory authority of the member state in which the customer is located. To learn about rules for other services like credit transfers, money transfers, direct debits, card payments and foreign exchange, you are advised to refer to Chapter 3, Section III of this Guide. For providers of consumer credit, EU rules require the lender to provide the consumer with a “European Standardized Information Sheet” allowing for easy comparison between different offers, and must also disclose the Annual Percentage Rate of charge . In addition, the consumer can cancel the agreement within 14 days of signing, and may repay the loan or credit at any time. Alternatively, if your intention is to provide a service within only one EU state, get in contact directly with the national financial supervisor in that state. See the full list of national financial supervisory authorities to learn more. Obliges all providers of electronic communication networks and services to supply certain minimum (“universal”) services. Sets out a system of authorizations to provide electronic communication networks and services, and rights and obligations deriving from such authorizations. Providers of electronic communication services in the EU/EEA must also comply with specific rules on data privacy . If you wish to transfer personal data outside the EU/EEA, you should verify whether an EU Adequacy Decision covers the destination country. Pseudonymization is “the processing of personal data in such a way that the data can no longer be attributed to a specific data subject without the use of additional information” (GDPR, Art. 4). Pseudonymized data remains within the scope of the GDPR, but offers greater flexibility and liberty to data controllers and processors.

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As coach and role model to many, Victoria has served as mentor to Indigenous women as part of the Indigenous Women in Community Leadership program at the Coady International Institute, for several years. She serves as mentor to the New Brunswick Joint Economic Development Initiative Aboriginal Business Accelerator Program. Helping to build capacity, Victoria teaches financial literacy in her community and at local schools. The University of British Columbia has campuses in Kelowna and Vancouver. Tuition is on the lower side with a GPA cutoff of 3.4 and a minimum MCAT of 496. One of the nation’s leading universities in the fields of medicine and general science, all the school’s programs are known to be highly competitive. Graduating high school students in Red Deer who regularly volunteer may want to apply for the 2022 Young Leaders Award scholarship by the Piper Creek Optimist Club of Red Deer. TD Bank Financial Group and the Canadian Nurses Foundation are partnering once again to offer scholarships for Aboriginal nursing students studying at the Bachelor, Master, Nurse Practitioner and PhD levels. Environmental entrance scholarship for an aboriginal student entering their first year of an environmental coop program at a post-secondary level. The Canadian Nurses Foundation grants more than $275,000 annually to nurses and nursing students in all areas of nursing practice. Be sure to submit your application by the equal consideration deadline of February 1. You may apply after February 1, however, post-February 1 applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis depending on the availability of the space in the program. To check program availability refer to the Campus/Availability listing on Humber’s program pages or After 42 years of teaching, mentoring and supporting more than 10,000 students, long-time faculty member Franca Giacomelli is retiring. Watch the videoof Hospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Management alumni speak about their experience at Humber and give career advice to current students. Respond to issues and dilemmas arising in the delivery of hospitality services, products and guest experiences by using and promoting ethical behaviour and best practices of corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability. In Panama, one of the leading causes of illness and death of children in the indigenous Guaymi population, is gastrointestinal infections often traced to polluted drinking water and unsanitary practices. To help alleviate this problem, the Healing Fund has partnered with several Rotary clubs to drill wells and install water catchment systems in remote communities which have little or no outside humanitarian aid. They also provide medical & dental clinics, facilitate community health training, teach English and make kids smile with face painting, balloon animals and pictures.