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Following feedback from bingo patrons, Rotary has changed the way bingos will be conducted. Since 2004, The Rotary Club of Fergus-Elora has partnered with The Grand River Agricultural Society to present fundraising bingos at the Grand River Raceway on the edge of Elora. If you are a winner at Bingo, cheques will now be available at Image Salon at 219 King Street on the day following Bingo.

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The event now involves 10 Rotary Clubs from across the Kootenay region and has become a huge success. The Invermere and Radium Rotary Club have been joining forces with other Rotary Clubs across the Kootenays to hold an online community bingo night each Friday. This past New Year’s Eve, an Invermere resident was the lucky winner of the online bingo night’s special New Year’s Eve event, earning a $10,000 prize. The bingo nights are held every Friday at 6 p.m., draw 500 participants throughout the Kootenay, and usually go for about two hours. They operate on a model, with half the money raised each week ($10,000) going to the Rotary Clubs involved, and the other half of the money (another $10,000) usually distributed to winners across five games. The New Year’s Eve special Progressive Jackpot game had one single winner who took home a $10,000 cash prize. Music Bingo has been a crowd favorite in pubs and restaurants across Canada for years and is now offered online providing a physically distanced, safe entertainment opportunity that can be enjoyed from the comfort of home. Similar to traditional Bingo, Music Bingo replaces numbers with clips from popular songs. Rather than numbers, Music Bingo cards have song titles and artists under the B-I-N-G-O – when the songs played by the DJ appear on a players card, they mark it off and win prizes when they complete specific patterns such as 1 Line, 3 Lines and Full Card. The noon-hour Cranbrook Rotary Club and the morning Cranbrook Sunrise Rotary Club are thrilled to be working together on this project. Both clubs are promoting this fun, new fundraiser and will be evenly sharing the net proceeds, to support local community projects. To purchase bingo cards please use the following link.

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Part variety hour, part game night, part Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Takes the ol’ timey game of luck and amps it up to 11 with a different theme each time. Join your costume-clad host, Kyle Loven, and guest assistants from your community for a campy night of games, wacky prizes, sweet tunes and lots of surprises. “We realize the COVID challenge is not over, and that there may be a prolonged period where continued attention to self care will be required, but hope that restarting the Rotary Bingo will give many of our players some fun on a Tuesday night,” said Saunders. “YourTV has been a fantastic corporate partner both before our halt in late March and in assisting us in getting the games back on.

Does Eastlink have TV Bingo?

At Eastlink TV, we offer a wide variety of local programming. There is something for everyone from the cooking enthusiast to the sports fan. Kinsmen TV Bingo (Thursday Night) Card Retailers: G's Supermarket – Prospect Rd.

Submissions that do not include the commenter’s full name or that do not abide by our community guidelines will not be published. Games are broadcast live on Tuesdays from 7-8 p.m. On YourTV channel 10 and 700 in Huntsville and channel 13 in Parry Sound. The Super Jackpot is still $4,000 with a total of up to $5,000 given away each week. In Parry Sound outlets are Circle K on Bowes and Church St. and the Canadian Tire Gas Bars on Joseph and Louisa St. Fellow members of our Red Deer Sunrise Rotary Club – please join us in our First zoom SWEETHEART VALENTINE FAMILY BINGO❤️. Please invite friends and family to join us as well❤️. This will be a great FUNdraiser for our Rotary Club and community❤️.

Bingo Rules:

Kootenay Rotarians award half the proceeds in prize money to online winners, and after administration fees, will share the remainder amongst the communities. To learn about the rules of online bingo, how to send a Etransfer and much more please use the following link. That New Year’s Eve winner was Invermere resident Carol Stober, who was playing at home on the night of Jan. 31 along with her family. A game ends when a winner is verified and a new game starts.

In addition to the present admission price of $45 for four strips of share the wealth and regular games, we will introduce an alternate admission price of $25 for 2 strips for these games,” a Rotary media release states. Most nights have 5 games that disburses the $5000 in cash prizes. Chilliwack After Hours Rotary Club and Chilliwack Fraser Rotaract Club is hosting a Zoom Music Bingo Fundraiser to raise funds to support local schools with lunch and breakfast programs on May, 28. On Wednesday, August 21st, the Rotary Club of Chatham will be sponsoring a “Back to School Double Bingo” on 99.3 The River. All prize money will be doubled and the winner of Game 7 will get to choose a school who will receive $1000. In the case of multiple winners, prizes will be split evenly.